Glass is Here!

If you are a fan of country songwriter Waylon Jennings, this is the album for you. Glass is Leah Michelle Hamilton's sixth album and features 12 original songs inspired by a diverse range of genres, including rich country, lively pop, blues, and gospel. This album features Jeff Hale, Jennings' former drummer, as artist and producer on every song. In each song, you will experience the melodic talent of A-list Tennessee musicians, including David Spak, Doug Kahan, and Dennis Wage.

With a unique blend of genres and lyrical inspiration, this collection of music will touch your spirit as much as it delights your ears. You just may find yourself tapping your fingers to the beat and humming the words long after the album has run its course

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Glass Music Book is Here!

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Life can be a blur. For each month we offer a story, a reflection, a thought, all to help engage you into the life that is only yours. Each month is accented by stunning photography of people and beautiful places from around the world. Our hope is that in these reflections you can gain a satisfaction and a purpose no matter the circumstances, and through faith are able to see more and do more than you could ever imagine. We would like to extend to you Twelve Invitations, one for each month of the year, to seek out the opportunities that each month and each season has to offer. The invite is yours! Come ~ Experience ~ Enjoy!  You can order this book on AMAZON. The ebook and hardcover book is available through BOOKBABY! This book is also available on BARNES & NOBLE, TARGET, WALMART, Books-A-Million, and Indiebound bookstores near you.



 Undivided Heart Instrumental Version is a wonderful way to relax with inspiring music joined with several background vocal inspirations. This can be streamed HERE!

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Miracle Has Been Heard in Over 100 Countries!

We are excited to share her music scores for piano, vocal, and guitar for download!





Once “Miracle” came into being, a great challenge was describing what genre it fell into. It could be described as pop, abstract, ballad, or urban, but it really was solely none of these.  The reason for this began to surface in the struggle to define it. This is an album about life. Life doesn’t fit a genre, nor does it stay in one place. It has eras of sadness and loneliness and eras of happiness and being a part of others lives. It has times of disappointment and betrayal, and moments of gratefulness and feeling protected. It has moments of desperate isolation and moments where we know we are not alone.


The lyrics and music in this album come from the heart of one who has grown up as a pastor’s kid, now a married mother of 3 daughters and a Marriage and Family Therapist for over 30 years, and a passionate musician. Leah came from a large family whose parents clearly believed that all people were loved creations of God. This made them a magnet for those who were deeply struggling in life to find their way and Leah saw her parents direct those treasured ones to become aware of God’s love and presence not only in their words, and sharing the Bible, but in their actions as ones who loved. Experiencing so many lives near or in the place of devastation beginning to heal and be restored, having her own hardships and yet having hope of restoration thru the miracles of God’s love and thru those He places in our lives, this is what “Miracle” is about.


“Miracle” is also an album that is a statement that we do not and cannot thrive and find the beauty in life alone. This album’s music and lyrics started from the personal and spiritual inspiration of Leah Michelle Hamilton, but would not be what it has become without the infusion of exceptionally talented coproducers, vocalists, and sound engineers.  One of the biggest miracles that God performs is taking the many moving pieces of life, the experiences and talents of others, and brings those people together to do something that one person could not do alone. We hope that you deeply enjoy this album about life, God’s love, and miracles.