ARTIST LIFE  exclusive to my website for sale now in my store.  BUY HERE TODAY!  Get your own VINYL record ensembles to add to your collection, and/or the 20 song CD today!   Streaming and download  pre-sale will begin on October 10th, 2023, and October 20th on all streaming platforms.   VINYL with one of a kind music set for TV and MOVIES!  Jeff Hale and Doug Kahan said, "this was a very enjoyable project to work on and the outcome was music we have not heard out there."  The creativity was electric!

CD will stream on 150 sites.  Both for sell on my website!  Leah on piano and the Ensembles with Jeff Hale and Doug Kahan!  It is fun to hear the progress as the first 9 songs are just Leah on piano, and then the pure connection when the trio gets together on this project has been so intriguing. Join in our excitement! 

Glass is Here!

If you are a fan of country songwriter Waylon Jennings, this is the album for you. Glass is Leah Michelle Hamilton's sixth album and features 12 original songs inspired by a diverse range of genres, including rich country, lively pop, blues, and gospel. This album features Jeff Hale, Jennings' former drummer, as artist and producer on every song. In each song, you will experience the melodic talent of A-list Tennessee musicians, including David Spak, Doug Kahan, and Dennis Wage.

With a unique blend of genres and lyrical inspiration, this collection of music will touch your spirit as much as it delights your ears. You just may find yourself tapping your fingers to the beat and humming the words long after the album has run its course

You can get your copy on my STORE and Amazon. It will be coming to 150+ digital platforms such as Spotify, Apple Music, TikTok, Instagram, YouTube Music, and Pandora to name a few. Visit my HearNow page to connect to some of these platforms. 


Glass Music Book is Here!

Glass Soft Cover Score Book
  • Glass Soft Cover Score Book

Glass Soft Cover Score Book

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Play piano, guitar, and sing from the beautiful music book.

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 Whether a beginning or advanced guitarist, vocalist, or keyboardist, have fun and sound like THE COUNTRY LEGENDS! You can purchase your copy from my STORE, Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Books-a-Million, Target, Walmart,  and Indie Bookstores near you.





Life can be a blur. For each month we offer a story, a reflection, a thought, all to help engage you into the life that is only yours. Each month is accented by stunning photography of people and beautiful places from around the world. Our hope is that in these reflections you can gain a satisfaction and a purpose no matter the circumstances, and through faith are able to see more and do more than you could ever imagine. We would like to extend to you Twelve Invitations, one for each month of the year, to seek out the opportunities that each month and each season has to offer. The invite is yours! Come ~ Experience ~ Enjoy!  You can order this book on my STORE, or AMAZON. The ebook and hardcover book is available through BOOKBABY! This book is also available at WALMART, Books-A-Million, and Indiebound bookstores near you.



 Undivided Heart Instrumental Version is a wonderful way to relax with inspiring music joined with several background vocal inspirations. This can be streamed HERE!

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