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Undivided Heart

by Leah Michelle Hamilton

Released 2014
Leah Michelle Hamilton Music Publishing
Released 2014
Leah Michelle Hamilton Music Publishing
Borrowed from Classical ... Inspired by Pop ... Created for you! All original music and lyrics.
Celebrate each victory to make your life a triumph. Four years in the making produced Leah's 10 songs of all original music and lyrics that break away from expected sounds and categories. "Borrowed from Classical ... Inspired by Pop ... Created for you," this is truly a one of a kind CD with pop songs, world/cultural songs, and gospel songs that will engage the listener with truth, peace, and hope. Whether lively dancing beats, dramatic worship songs, cinematic grandeur, or meditative reflection, these songs will stir you to live your life with purpose and joy that bubbles out from your heart into your actions. "Undivided Heart" brings to listener's around the world a place of connection with truly singing love for others, themselves, and the Creator.

Leah's original songs feature her singing lead vocals, delightful background vocals, playing a Chopin Etude piano
introduction and original piano interlude. Other stellar musicians performing on this CD or helping with the mastering,
reproduction, and Leah's vocals include: Bob Emmet, Keri Larson, Whitney Claire Kaufman, Tommy Larson, David Wells, Tony Guerrero, Tiago Costa, Don French, Andy Boettner, Ron Boustead, and Stacey Stanley. Leah's earlier CD's showcased her classical training, love of Christmas, and included many talented musicians, producer, performers: Stan Breckenridge, Shelly Scarr, Jim White, Kenneth Stavert, Kelsie Hamilton, David Scott, Ed Peffer, Diana Gray, Roger Wood, and Eric Marbach, John Mila de la Roca. "Character is like a tree and reputation like its shadow. The shadow is what we think of it; the tree is the real thing." (Abraham Lincoln ) Get comfortable, relax, and experience the music that touches the soul, settles the heart with bonus moments of cinematic intrigue. Come on in and join us in the adventure together!

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