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Leah Michelle Hamilton: Photos

Unexpected Light Gala CD Release

Everyone Singing "Silent Night" in candlelight
Performing "Naming the Stars"
Performing "Place Without Clocks"
Leah Michelle Hamilton, Shelly Scarr, Kelsie Hamilton, Stan Breckenridge, Dave Thomasson
Leah Michelle Hamilton
The Upper Room Audience
Robbie King, John Mila de la Roca, Leah Michelle Hamilton, and band before concert.
Dave Thomasson
Vocalists Shelley Scarr and Kelsie Hamilton

Unexpected Lights

Sunset on Lake Washington    (c) 2010 Larry Hamilton
Final Light Home      (c) 2010 Larry Hamilton
Final Light     (c) 2010  Larry Hamilton
Light for a New Country  (c) 2009  Larry Hamilton
Light of Morning Frost  (c) 2010  Larry Hamilton
Moonlit Walk  (c) 2008  Larry Hamilton
Evening Glisten  (c) 2008  Larry Hamilton
Morning Awakens  (c) 2008  Larry Hamilton
Light toward Heaven  (c) 2008  Larry Hamilton

Complements Gala Release

"Better Because of You"
Leah Michelle Hamilton performing "First Arabesque"