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Listener's Comments

Author of "LifeMates"

"Leah - I need a "Miracle" song is exquisite. The tune is so beautiful, the words are deep, and the arrangement is thrilling. Thank you for leaving the world more melodic that you found it. Someday we'll say, " Yes we know her well!""


"If you are like many people where finding a CD that contains many interesting and engaging selections seems to be a lost cause, don't give up - - Complements has arrived to save the day! If your listening preference is classical music but would like to experience different orchestrations and consequently tone colors, then listen to "Clair de Lune" and "Moonlight Sonata." Perhaps a little traditional doo-wop fused with rhythm & blues stylizations by a young woman singer is your taste. If so, I highly recommend listening to Leah's original song titled "Better Because of You." (In fact, this would be a great song for that special person in your life.) Ragtime music seems to be performed at educational institutions, Disneyland, and films such as The Sting. Well, Complements has two noteworthy pieces, namely "Maple Leaf Rag" and "The Entertainer." Finally, regardless of your religious conviction, "The Lord's Prayer" is an emotionally charged song with lead singer, background singers, and an impressive orchestration. Every once in while a CD comes along that fulfills many musical expectations - - this is one of those times. Get Complements for yourself, one for your best friend, and one for that person that seems to annoy you endlessly."



"Listening to this beautiful music is a brief vacation from the stresses of the world, like a trip to your favorite spa, or time at a charming Italian villa. A MUST HAVE, for all who enjoy serenity."


5 Stars!!!

"Just recseived your CD today. All I can say is WOW! It is hauntingly beautiful. My kind of music throughout all. Leah, you are now on my iPod. How about that! I'll listen often - very soothing. very well done. Now - I want to know how much you had to pay Kenny G., Peabo Bryson, The London Symphony Orchestra and Montavani's ghost for their appearances! Oh, yeh, and John Williams."

Author of "The One Voice That Matters"

"Dear Leah ... I devoured the lyrics and then listened to the lovely voice singing them. They were poignant, deep, creative, and thoughtful. May God speak blessings to many people through this offering to Him."

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