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Leah Michelle Hamilton: Home


WELCOME!  We are delighted that you are visiting my website.  My newest CD that has been 4 years in the making is here.  "UNDIVIDED HEART!"  All original music and lyrics by Leah.  Her premiere songs for this CD  "Royal",  "Silent Words," and "No Extra Dues" have already received stellar reviews from fellow musicians.  "Royal" was debuted this summer with a music loving audience in Northern California and was widely acclaimed.  This Cd involves Leah singing 8 of her 10 original lead vocals, some background vocals, playing an original piano interlude and piano intro, and well as writing all the music and lyrics.  Other extremely accomplished musicians who played instruments, programmed,  or sang on this CD include but not limited to:  Bob Emmet, Whitney Claire Kaufman (Disney singer and symphonies), David Wells, Don French, Tony Guerrero, Keri Larson, Tommy Larson, Tiago Costa.  Others who helped with design , vocals, technical help include, Andy Boettner, Stacey Stanley, and Scott Dickey. The actual CD has all lyrics included and photos by Jason Wallis and Larry Hamilton.  Whether you love listening to the actual CD with lyrics in hand beginning to end, or individual songs that are your favorite from iTunes mastered versions...please enjoy and pass on to your friends. 

The 10 original songs for "Undivided Heart" are Undivided Heart, Mi Corazon, Little Foxes, Paper Promises, No Extra Dues, Revealer, Stained Glass, In Motion, Silent Words, and Royal.  You can listen and download on iTunes or get CD from CdBaby.  So exciting that it is currently in many other countries, including, but not limited to France, Germany, China, etc.  

 Leah's previous CD,  Unexpected Light was  released December 4, 2010 includes two orginals, "Places Without Clocks" and "Naming the Stars," and many of your favorite Christmas songs. Unexpected Light  won Limelights's favorite cover songs award.  

Other wonderful producer and musicians on Leah's first 2 CD's, "Complements" and "Unexpected Light"  where she included 3 original songs, and played piano for both include but not limited to:  Stan Breckenridge (Fulbright scholar/musician/professor/producer), Shelley Scarr (Glee,  American Idol Season 9 Finale, Disney), David Scott (played guitar for Prince), Jim White, Kelsie Hamilton, Diana Gray, Roger Wood, Ed Peffer, Eric Marbach, R. Kenneth Stavert (Virginia Opera.)

A message to you from Leah,   "I have been excited to have had the opportunity to blend my years of piano artistry with vocals, instrumentation, and sounds that give enchanting musical images. I hope that you enjoy listening as much as I have enjoyed creating these unique CDs.   I also hope that you will take an opportunity to brouse thru my background, the behind the scenes details of each CD, click on the listen to song samples, and read about events and news.  Thank you for your support of my music and CD's.   ENOY!  Blessings to you always,  Leah